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Welcome to Centurion NDT's Website

Centurion NDT, established in 1992, designs, manufactures and services a well known and accepted line of portable eddy current and ultrasonic instrumentation.

Eddy current  instruments such as the Model ED-520Me Eddy Current Meter and FM-140XL Conductivity Meter are well known and have been written into many aviation specifications.  When testing high pressure aluminum cylinders, the Visual Eddy Test System in the only instrument on the market to accurately differentiate critical cracks.

All instruments in the product line are engineered, manufactured and serviced in Rolling Meadows, Illinois.  Centurion NDT's business philosophy is to supply reliable, well engineered test instruments which are easy to use and economical to own.

News You Can Use

  • Opti-Viewer for Visual Inspection of Tank Threads
The Opti-Viewer with its 2X magnification is the only visual inspection device approved by Luxfer Cylinders and the CGA for the inspection of internal cylinder threads.   More ...

  • Breaking News on 3AL Tank Inspections
It has been determined that the Visual Eddy test system for aluminum tank inspection performed with 100% accuracy, the only unit to do so.  More ...

  • ED-1100 Still Tops for Aircraft Wheel Inspection
So easy to set up and easy to use makes the ED-1100 a top choice for aircraft wheel bead seat inspections using differential wide scan probes. See the Wheel Probe List for the most extensive bead seat probes in the industry. 

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